“Where’d The Road Go?”

DAY 2: VanLife

A beautiful sunrise outside of Moab, with the warmth of my happiness (and just general gingerness), making it impossible to sleep any longer, it was time to find ourselves a road. After a heathy and complete breakfast of Wheaties and OJ, we barricaded the fridge (for anything that isn’t bolted down, or secured with various Tetris stuffing, will relocate itself as it sees fit during off-road adventures), then turned those cute big little van wheels SouthWest.

As each GPS (Hot Man is product testing two of the three), battled each other out to tell us how NOT to drive, and how NOT on a real road we were, we said ‘ftw’, let’s compass this shit, and just sort of… went.

That decision lead us to this:

Where'd The Road Go

A well maintained road that “ended” abruptly at a 45 degree angle at a creek. Upon further investigation, me peering from the passenger seat documenting this said “road”, with Hot Man scouting up ahead, we decided to give it a good ol’ college try. So there 10 thousand pounds of Van Home went down into the creek bed.

Is This A Road

Hanging out the window and determining that we were not finding ourselves in quicksand, we gained some faith, momentum, and continued along SouthWest. A half mile or so, we popped up back on a dirt road; Off road SUCCESS!

A few more “left or right?”s, a couple of red rock mountain climbs and we found ourselves now here:

Sweeping Views

Then here:

Mountain Perfection

And here:

Flat Top

Even on some groomed roads that gave new meaning to ‘fresh corduroy’:

Corduroy Roads

We had some downhill hair-pin action:

Twist and Turn

Then, despite all of the GPSs grumblings about U-turns and inability to agree about what road we were on, as well as our map that was NOT a map, we ended up at Natural Bridges National Park. Where I took a photo of this guy, and some flowers:


Desert Flower

and NOT of any Natural Bridges…

Because HotMan and I are super awesome, and all of this AMAZING beauty and inspiration wasn’t enough for one day, we went to even MORE AMAZING places, like the Moki Dugway. Which starts off like this:

Moki Dugway

Yeah, see that sheer face of cliff on the bottom left? The road tucks and folds itself in there and under our feet. Like this:

Moki Dugway by Bryon Dorr

(Photo by Bryon Dorr, aka Hot Man)

I can’t even imagine how scary this would be to do at night. Just a few scattered reflectors on the side of the mountain to (let you know that you haven’t fallen off or hit the mountain cliff?) “guide” you down to the Valley of the Gods and on to Monument Valley.

P.S. Brain overload of sheer-fucking-AWESOME.

So with all that awesome, we decided to camp in the Valley of the Gods. Oh yeah, complete with Star Gazing:

Star Gaze By Bryon Dorr

(Photo by Bryon Dorr, aka Hot Man)

A day like this shocks my core into overdrive of overflowing love and passion for my life. Every hair and freckle standing at end in hopes to be the first to experience these views, feel that open air, to see what I’ve never seen before.

FUCK YEAH BABY! I’m alive 🙂




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