Sunset Van

Why hello there #VanLife! 

Here it is, what my mother always knew in the back of her head, her daughter would become; A full-time Dirt Bag (I say that with the highest honor :-)! ). And, let me tell ya, LIFE IS GRAND!

Day 1:

This is what I call good travel decision-making: We had not decided which direction we wanted to head down to Arizona from, Utah or Colorado. Two very beautiful drives, but there wasn’t a pulling factor in either direction. The water (for Hot Man to Kayak in) was evading us like the plague, and the roads were about the same distance. My “last-minute”, “just one more thing” errands ended up putting us at the LOKI store in the Redlands just outside of Downtown Junction.

Loki Girl

LOKI was nice enough to outfit Hot Man and I with a few key items (that I so happen to make look awesome), to send us on our adventure! One of those items also so happen to be a LifeProof iPhone case which, I might add, is VERY NECESSARY, and has already lived up to its name. This put us closer to Utah, and in the interest of not backtracking, off to Utah we went!

Utah Girl

Double Decker Bus we saw on the way to Moab:


Upon entry to Moab, we directed ourselves into some RV parking (because we can) at the Tourist Information Center. After looking at all of the maps, detailed and “less” detailed (where ‘to scale’ means ‘???’), talking to the Park Rangers at various locations across our “crow flying” route, hearing about what rain + clay + BigAssVan =’s, we decided to just sort of wing it.

Here’s Hot Man musing over off-road options 🙂

Hot Man Musing

We took a right, rolled alongside a river, and eventually pulled off to the side of the road to see this, Newspaper Rock:

Newspaper Rock

Back out on the road we took a left and camped here:

Camping in the Sun

I’d call that a successful winging it adventure for day numero uno, wouldn’t you?




Curious about Hot Man? Check out his website HERE!

Also, if you want to help us along in our journey, you can donate with PayPal HERE, AND you get a pair of earrings that I hand make just for YOU (or your lady).

I love hearing y’alls feedback, or stories, which you can email to me at sarahblessington@gmail.com .

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