The ScooterLife Podcast

Once upon a time, I rode a 171cc scooter across the US. For those that aren’t able to immediately picture what exactly that looks like, and why that causes alarm in many, imagine a small, sort of roadworthy entity that is not at all intended to be used in such a way. Now, add too much luggage, a bright pink motorcycle jacket and a gal with boat loads of determination to make it work. This, my friends, is only the beginning. 

This crazy adventure took me about five months once I got scootin’. Needless to say, I almost died a lot. But, I’m also here to tell you; I loved every second of it all, even the parts I didn’t. While the wheeled adventure ended in 2016, I have been working on telling the harrowing, yet joyful tale. My labor of love has been writing a book, detailing all of the in’s and out’s of ScooterLife. While I am getting closer to finishing the book, I have found myself wanting a more creative way to share the story, honing in on creating a Podcast. 

I will be taking listeners along with me as I recount the ‘How it all began’, ‘Why would you do such a thing?’, ‘But really, why?!’, ‘Why didn’t you take a REAL bike?’, ‘Can you really fall in love with just one look?’, ‘How many miles does it take to run out of gas Part 1, Part 2, Part 3… Part 4?’, ‘You didn’t really just say Motorcycle Gang, did you?’, ‘How many times can a scooter fall over?’, and so, so much more. 

My hope is that you enjoy the audio content that I will be creating. As this podcast grows and I continue to figure out what I am doing, I will be recording bonus content such as interviews with those I met along the way, sharing behind the scene video footage, and never before seen photos from the trip. 

To all of the incredible humans that encourage and support me, thank you. My gratitude is truly endless as y’all are the fuel behind me as I continue to explore just what my passions and creativity can do. 

Cheers Y’all,

-Sarah Blessington