About Sarah Blessington

ZipLine Akaka Falls

On my website, you will find what is starting to be a long and scattered telling of various adventures that have captivated my attention and helped shape the woman I am growing into. My blogged journey started in Grand Junction, Colorado in 2013 as I made the decision to move full-time into a van that would, but of course, spend plenty of time down by plenty of rivers. In this partnership with #VanLife and the man I shared it with, we also chose to design and build what we hoped would be the ultimate Overland creation. Averaging close to 40,000 miles each of the two years lead to lifetimes of adventure and learning. When that time came to a close, I landed on the Big Island Of Hawaii, where I spent a little over a year. The craving for the unknown was beautifully cultivated by land, sea, and then by two tiny wheels and 50ccs.

Front Porch Views Sarah Blessington

This view you see above, one day gave way to a different kind of oasis…


The open road as seen from two slightly bigger wheels, and 171ccs.

 This solo cross country journey across the US started June 7th 2016 in San Francisco, CA and finished over 6,000 miles, and five months later, in the Smokey Mountains of North Carolina. For two years I called Asheville, NC home again enjoying everything that magic city has to offer.


From there, I have been in search of the land in which I will finally call home. Can’t say I mind the wait…



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Little Boot ScootLittle Boot Scoot Hawaii


JoleneLove At First Look


BowieBowie the SYM HD200



This is my outlet. I hope to continue to grow and cultivate my craft here as I dabble in published works elsewhere.


Speaking of elsewhere:


For Love Of Adventure

Expedition Portal: 

The Birth Of Your Four-Legged Adventure Mobile

My Overland Life Begins

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  1. This is a huge dream of mine. I own a Harley Ultra Classic Electra Glide. However I’m dying to cross country on a 150cc. Nobody is adventurous enough to come with me. I’d love to hear more of your stories.

    1. Google ‘Scooter Overland Adventure Route’
      Something my scootouring buddies and I are working on. Should total about 1200 miles over six days. Still a work in progress. 5 of the 6 days we have mapped. Should have the route for day 3 decided by this weekend. Note this is a circular route so a rider could start their tour anywhere and finish at their chosen starting point.

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