Welcome to Timber Me Ginger!

Here you can follow along with me during my solo travel across the US on a magnificent 171cc scooter. 

On June 7th 2016 I took off from San Francisco, after finding and falling in love with a SYM HD200 Scooter. My original plan was to take a month to get to North Carolina… But I kept falling in love with every stop I made, turning the journey into almost a five month and over 6,000 mile long saga. It was slow, it was hearty, and I looked forward to the unknown.

The cross country scooter journey has been completed, but new adventures are always at play. Please, part of what makes travel great is the people I meet along the way, so REACH OUT!!! You can email me, find me on my Timber Me Ginger Facebook page, or comment on these pages if you want to grab a coffee and a cookie, a beer and a pizza, or a hike and a chat.

Thank you for finding my website! Stay awhile, get lost and start dreaming your next adventure 🙂

-Timber Me Ginger

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