Welcome to Timber Me Ginger!

Here you can follow along with me as I solo travel across the US on a magnificent 171cc scooter. 

On June 7th 2016 I took off from San Francisco, after finding and falling in love with a SYM HD200 Scooter.  Currently I am headed into the mountains of the Sierra! My original plan was to take a month to get to North Carolina… But as I keep falling in love with every stop I make, we will see! It will be slow, it will be hearty, and I look forward to the unknown.

The adventure is alive and well, and I want to share it with you in real time! Please, part of what will make this journey great is the people I will meet along the way, so REACH OUT!!! You can email me, find me on my Timber Me Ginger Facebook page, or comment on these pages if you want to grab a coffee and a cookie, a beer and a pizza, or a hike and a chat.

Thank you for finding my website! Stay awhile, get lost and start dreaming your next adventure🙂

-Timber Me Ginger

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