Valley Of The Gods

Good Morning Universe!

Surrounded by nature’s red tower masterpieces of the Utah desert, Hot Man and I stretched our fingers and toes, lifted our heads from dusty pillows, and peeked out from the van to see these beauties bathed in sunrise. Feeling the breath catch in my chest, I smiled. It’s still real.

Breakfast of Wheaties

Hot Man Does Mountain

I am slowly getting more and more comfortable in the reality that I am living this. That for today, the Valley of the Gods is my front yard. And for tomorrow? That is entirely up to us.

EE Van Valley Of The Gods

Valley of the Gods – Photo by Bryon Dorr

With one last look around, we packed up the van, and turned our wheels  to Flagstaff, Arizona.

Our drive started with a little ‘orange flag’; the battery light was on, but the van started fine, so we just decided to watch it.

State Line

After the Arizona border, heading up the mountain to Flagstaff, the CD player hit the fritz and stopped playing. It seemed to be frozen, so I started to look up diesel engine mechanics in the area, curious about what would follow. Watching it a little more curiously, we kept trekking on. A bit closer to Flagstaff, the power gauge goes to zero, and the rest of the gauges start swinging around like crazy, including the speedometer. Things start to look bleak. Luckily one of the first buildings on the way into Flag happens to be a shop, and they happen to be able to spare some time to help us out. After some man grumbles, it is agreed that the alternator has shit the bed, and a replacement is in order.


With some time on our hands while we waited for the part, I got to work making some more earrings. 🙂

Earring Making

About an hour later, the shiny new alternator installed, we headed for some internet, beer, and starch. The Flagstaff Brewing Company fulfilled all three needs, so we settled in for happy hour. The bartender on shift seemed to not be all that thrilled with non-regulars as he scoffed at Hot Man and I’s request for samples of their local brews. While that was not the most encouraging welcome, they had internet available, so we stayed. Well, that internet happens to operate with the passion of primordial ooze and the speed of a sloth. Add the garlic chip-like potatoes soaked, then drenched in buttery grease, and you can very well gather that our short stint at the FBC was NOT thrilling. Feeling drugged with grease and lack of any real nourishment, but needing to stock some food in the van for Overland Expo (the event we were traveling to Flagstaff for), we headed to Sam’s Club.

PBR To Expo

While such a trip, following such a funk, could have put someone six feet under, Hot Man managed to spark the giggles and get that funk right outta me. I say, that was the most exciting Sam’s experience I’ve ever had. Armed with cinnamon rolls and PBR (among other non veggie items), Hot Man and I loaded the van and decided a quality pizza was in order to right the day.


After some Yelping, it was decided that the wood fire pizzas from Pizzicletta would be the answer to our need. YUM. They were friggin’ delicious! Just a short 60-90 seconds until a beautifully assembled, smokey pizza, drizzled with artisan olive oil is set before you. The size is enough that you COULD share, but you will be happy to have left overs, as re-heating this badboy, or even enjoying cold, is a great way to love yourself. Filled with happiness, we managed to find room for their, just as wonderfully crafted, Gelato.


Chocolate Hazelnut was recommended to us, and boy am I glad they did. Warmly enchanting, with the perfect chill to keep you salivating for another spoonful. In a word, delightful.

Smiling and full to the brim, we headed on to Mormon Lake, AZ for Overland Expo. We arrived just as the sun set, and set up camp for the next several days.

Expo Sunset

The next few days would be filled with meeting outdoor enthusiasts from all walks of life, seeing some of the most elite camper vans, RVs, motorcycles, and other various creations, then experiencing what they all can do together.

Stay tuned 🙂




Want to help contribute to the adventure?? You can do so by clicking HERE! Donations of $20 or more get a pair of hand beaded earrings by yours truly. Any, and all, are welcome 🙂

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