Holy Cannoli, I Fit In A Van

Girl With The Keys

Last minute moving sale items: FUCKING SHIT I DON’T NEED!!!

Okay… So there is all the stuff that I have in storage at my friend’s house (VHS tapes, Snowboard, winter jackets), but WOW. Talk about shedding the fat off of my life. Things I’ve been carrying around for WHO knows how long… GONE.

Life discovery? I suck at selling things that don’t have a price tag. Too much faith in Karma? Eh, who knows…

Biggest shed of the day? My precious Toyota Tacoma. I was surprised at how long it took me to make that decision. I had thought about it, for sure, but to actually sell that little beauty? She was everything I needed, including a safety belt and anchor. That, was my realization. Anchor me no more Grand Junction. Sitting at the table, two nights before take off and BAM. Sell it. On to Craigslist, and off it went. LOKI Gear now is the proud owner of the ‘Red Hobbit’, as they now are calling her.

The Red Hobbit

With some cash in the bank, my furry creature in transition (friend-to-friend-to-Momo’s boyfriend’s house), I, key word ‘I’, got behind the wheel and made my last errands in the Junk Town, and OFF WE WENT.

Girl With The Van

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