Here’s To Planning Ahead

Last night in the back yard, Hot Man and I playing with my Golden, these ideas of travel, of infinite possibility, filtered though and settled into Google Maps. This is what makes me feel like a real person. Adventure. Seeing the purple line jump from lettered balloon to lettered balloon as our journey started to unveil itself, made me feel my skin. Made me feel my blood, my bones, made me remember.

Our basic Google map.
Our basic Google map.

I have lived in Grand Junction, CO for almost 5 years. Holy Crap. Even counting these years on my fingers makes me roll my eyes and giggle. How the hell did this place keep me here for so long? With all the heart and soul these desert mountains and valleys offer, I no longer feel home when I look out to them. I feel itchy. And THAT, means it’s time to go.

The beautiful Mt. Garfield
The beautiful Mt. Garfield

So, Hot Man and I have a purple line with letter balloons to follow, or not. Regardless, it’s kicking me out my door. Now comes the reality check, this part I like. Looking over all of my belongings in my head, assigning value level of each item. What do I love? What do I need? Does it come, stay, or go away?

Boots, knives, jackets. This is what I get stuck on. Screw the bigass TV, the furniture, the new lamp, they can spontaneously combust for all I care, whatever. Worn soft leather that has joined my feet in so many adventures, paired with so many ridiculous outfits, pedaled bikes, and danced at shows. These babies are as much apart of me as my hair, and as ridiculous as it is to admit, I am deeply attached to my shoes.


Material Reality Check: I can only take MAYBE 4 pairs of shoes…. total. Fuck. Good thing I have wonderful people who will store my leather loves in safety while I traipse around the country. Knives? I’ll bring a few… A sharp tool for the right job can’t be overlooked. Even if it is just cutting open a package of ramen… Remaining kitchen awesomeness goes to the Brunette Bombshell Bestie, who also so happens to be my House Mate. Jackets and other various other clothing items? Into suitcases and into storage along with Boots. Everything else? No longer mine.

This adventure is planned to be about 2 1/2 months. You might think that ditching most of my crap is a little much. I need to shed my stagnant skin. It has done its job, and it’s time to move on.

Animal Reality Check: Momo, my sweet, wonderful, not-the-brightest-crayon-in-the-box, Golden Retriever. Since my 16th Christmas, Mo’ Money Moses has traveled the country with me, lived in a tent with me, cuddled with me, and loved me, for better or worse. She sadly cannot fit on this adventure. Luckily, another awesome Bestie here in GJ, who also happens to own Momo’s boyfriend (Hazen), is the best animal owner I’ve ever met, and has offered to house her and love her furry little critter self. Check!

Mo' Money Moses
Mo’ Money Moses

Transport Reality Check: Hot Man so happens to have an Overland Vehicle perfectly suited for this sort of thing. What is that you ask? Check THIS out.

Money Reality Check: I’m tired of staring my life in the face and saying ‘I can’t’, because I don’t have the money. FUCK that. I will figure this out. There’s no way that I can feel this right in every part of my body for this not to work out. I may not have the most concrete idea of what exactly this “working out” thing looks like, but HERE I AM ADVENTURE, let’s do this.

The Adventure Mobile
The Adventure Mobile

Want to contribute to the cause? Click HERE!


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