Prescott… What?

Winding into the hills of Red Rock State Park, and out of Sedona, we headed toward the promise land of showers and beer; Prescott, AZ. Our friend in town tipped us onto an alternate route, that ended up being just the thing to follow my epic joy of the tasty tacos al pastor in Sedona. If the chance ever arises to travel between these bustling metropolises, vote 89A. It also wouldn’t hurt your mood if you had a ridiculous sports car to unleash its prowess on these acutely cambered hair pin turns. This windy road offered multiple opportunities for breathtaking view points of the gloriously red mountains of the area. You will just have to imagine these as I was too captivated to take any photos. 🙂

Prescott Sign

Arriving in Prescott, I immediately had an acid flashback to Grand Junction, CO. Another beautiful area littered with every chain anything that you could ever wish for, here however, all the buildings had an adobe facelift (to more blend in with the neon signs sprouting out of them maybe?). Both downtowns boasts a few cute diners and restaurants, with a FEW establishments pressing outside the limits of the preserved quaintness of it all. Some of them having things like Organic beef, Brie cheese, or other terrifyingly delicious menu enhancements.

The Raven Cafe was one of these gems. An actual happy hour for their sizable beer selection, a flavorful, diverse menu, and an expressive interior with the old structure still in tact. I dig it. If you happen to make it through the area, this would be a worthwhile place to stop for brunch all the way to the late night snacks and beers for the night owls. Also note that this happens to be pretty much the only place open semi late besides the 24-hr Mexican joint during the week. This is where we met our host for a few libations before heading to his homestead. Beer-d and showered, we were then taken to a perfect spot to view the sunset,

Prescott Sunset

and the local graffiti.

Love Rock

Besides a trip to Best Buy, our time in Prescott was mainly filled with internet-ing, and trying to decide the next coordinate on our adventure. And another beautiful sunset:

Hummingbird Sunset

Looking at the map of the WORLD (just kidding, just North America for now), we talked about what we really wanted to see, when we wanted to see it, and what sort of timeline we were working with. Our timeline only really being shaped by different awesome off-road and whitewater events in the country. Thoughts of who and what we wanted to see, how much sand is really necessary, does smog steal your soul as quickly as gingers, and the like, crossed our minds. Deciding that heading West, then North, was a good idea, we quickly decided on Vegas as our next destination, ‘cus well… why not? A free few nights stay in a condo all to ourselves didn’t sound like a bad idea either. We peered over various off-road routes, not minding that any of them seemed to splinter off and stop… and drifted off into dreamland with what adventures lay ahead.


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